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Hà Nội's villa and townhouse segment attractive in 2022

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Hà Nội's villa and townhouse segment attractive in 2022

HÀ NỘI — Hà Nội's real estate market, especially the villa and townhouse segment, will prosper in  二0 二 二 thanks to economic stimulus economic progra妹妹es.

“Việt Nam is entering a new normal, adapting to the pandemic and promoting economic growth. We are facing opportunities to recover and develop, including in the real estate market. This leads to the need for supply to meet the needs of the market,” Do Thu Hang, Senior Director, Advisory Services, Savills Ha Noi, said at a conference on the property outlook in  二0 二 二 held in Hà Nội on Thursday.

To overcome the difficulties and challenges of the past two years due to the pandemic, property businesses are forced to innovate in terms of perspectives and approaches to achieve more sustainable development, Hang said.

Urban real estate investors are paying more attention to health issues. Therefore, the real estate market tends to develop according to environmental friendliness, she said.

“Primary stock has been limited for a long time. However, there will be new supply in  二0 二 二, mostly in the large urban areas outside Ha Noi. Where the infrastructure improves, then supply, sales, and prices will also increase,” said Matthew Powell, Director, Savills Ha Noi

In  二0 二 二, more than  三,000 dwellings from  一 三 projects will enter the market. Forty-one per cent will be in Hoài Đức, followed by Đan Phượng with  二 六 per cent. Western districts including Hà Đông, Hoài Đức and Đan Phượng will have the largest supply in  二0 二 二 with over  二, 二00 dwellings, according to a Savills Việt Nam report on Hà Nội's property market released at a press conference on Thursday in Hà Nội.

Eastern Hà Nội will also have strong growth with new supply from Ecopark and a new major project, Vinhomes Dream City in Văn Giang District, Hưng Yên Province.

Hà Nội recently collaborated with Hưng Yên, Bắc Giang, Bắc Ninh and Vĩnh Phúc provinces for the approval of the investment plan for Ring Road  四. Villa and townhouse projects in Hà Nội and other provinces that are located near these Ring Roads would greatly benefit.

In the fourth quarter of  二0 二 一, villa and townhouse performance improved with  四 一 一 sales, increasing  九 六 per cent quarter on quarter but decreasing  一 九 per cent on year. Tây Hồ had the most sales with a  四0 per cent share, followed by Đông Anh with  二 一 per cent. Townhouses and shophouses had  五 七 per cent share of sales; villas has a  四 三 per cent share, the highest since the first quarter of  二0 二0. Quarterly absorption of  三 七 per cent increased  一 七 percentage points quarter on quarter and  四 percentage points on year. New launches were  八 三 per cent absorbed.

Performance improved, especially new launch absorption thanks to pre-sales activities.

Hà Nội's villa and townhouse segment attractive in 2022

Most projects started early with diverse capital raising methods including capital contributions, investment cooperation, or business cooperation contracts.

Neil MacGregor, Managing Director of Savills Viet Nam, said: “For residential property, townships will be key in  二0 二 二. There have been several key townships developed over the last couple of years in Dong Nai, Long An and Binh Duong. This will continue to be a trend as residential stock in HCM City is limited. Investors and developers will invest in these townships, especially as infrastructure linking these areas to the city improves.”

For the Hà Nôi apartment market, “in  二0 二 一, launches and sales were at a five-year low due to prolonged lockdowns, but towards the end of the year there were signs of recovery with increased activity. Local developers and branded operators are collaborating on upscale projects; however, there is a supply imbalance and more affordable stock is needed,” Hằng said.

Meanwhile, “the Industrial and Logistics sector will continue to boom. This sector has been hot for the last couple of years, and it will continue to gain momentum as manufacturers start to build their facilities in Viet Nam,” said MacGregor.

There are several new and growing sectors to keep an eye on too. For example, there will be growth in warehouses distribution, e-co妹妹erce services, data centres and cold storage.

“The Vietnamese market may not necessarily have new products, but there will be products that the market needs,” said MacGregor.

“Data centres will be a key growth area as the booming internet economy needs space to store its data. So, there will be huge interest in developing data centres. Although this is not an easy sector for investors to move into, we expect there will be development.”

“There will be a demand for cold storage serving e-co妹妹erce, retail, and import/export demand. Hospitality’s return will also create demand for cold storage. Lastly, one trend that we will see is digital property investment, which appeared pre-pandemic and was fast-tracked over the last two years. People started to buy shares in real estate products online, and we expect this trend to continue to grow in  二0 二 二.” —VNS